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Frequent Questions about Wood Flooring

When will I need to sand and refinish my floor?

A floor that is properly maintained should never need to be sanded and refinished. Watch for the signs! When your floor has lost its original shine you may only need what the industry calls a screen and re-coat (the application of one or two coats of finish). This is simpler than sand and refinish. If your floor has deep scratches, dents and areas where the it has been ground into the open grain of your floor, or if you wish to change the color, it is time to have your floor sanded and refinished.

How many times can I sand my floor?

This depends on the kind of floor you have and how bad the damage is that we are trying to remove. Have a professional inspect floor.

What should I do when my floor starts looking dull?

Start by giving it a good cleaning. I the result is not satisfactory, sounds like you are ready to have your floor screened and re-coated (the application of one or two coats of finish).

How can I buy wood/floor care products?

You can purchase them directly from us, simply give us a call at (619) 440-3543.

How do I maintain my floor?

Maintenance is easy and instructions can be found on our floor care section.

What is the warranty on my floors?

It depends on the flooring you select. For example, finish warranties can be 5, 10, 15 or 25 years. Warranties vary with the product you choose.

Can I put wood flooring in my bathroom?

It is not recommended for high moisture areas such as bathrooms and wet bars.

Where can solid and engineered wood floors be installed?

Solid wood flooring is recommended for on or above ground level installations only. Engineered flooring, due to the multi-ply, cross grain construction has greater dimensional stability and is suitable for below ground level installations.